Our platform is designed specifically for real estate related experts. REplatforms will scale your opportunities to attract new clients. Just do your job -- and leave marketing to us

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Secure real estate transactions

REplatforms invites credit institutions to cooperate to finance our clients' mortgage transactions and transactions on our marketplace:

A large customer base will allow you to save on attracting customers. REplatforms does it for You, and You get hot leads with low cost

REplatforms' clients are respectable and solvent, choosing the best offers on the real estate market

REplatforms has a well-established process of interaction with banks to provide loans to customers. We are ready to provide document collection and verification, check the Bank's check lists and methods, and much more

Cooperation with Replatforms opens new horizons for your profit increase!

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How do I become a REplatforms partner?

New partners join every day:

  • brokers
  • lawyers
  • bankers
  • notaries
  • appraisers
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • interior designers
  • apartment renovation experts
  • and other significant real estate related experts

We ensure comfortable and safe partnership between agencies, sellers and buyers from around the world. With REplatforms you will get the valuable experience of global communication with the agents and the opportunity to effectively scale your business.

To become a REplatforms partner fill in the registration form, and our experts will contact you (or just call us +7 960 770-66-00).