Are you a real estate lawyer? We have clients for you! After all, RePlatforms was created for it. We gather all real estate market experts on one platform

Every man should know something of law; if he knows enough to keep out of it, he is a pretty good lawyer
Henry Wheeler Shaw

Secure real estate transactions

We launched Replatforms, so that the real estate experts and the real estate byers could meet each other. While providing a platform for it, we don't limit your fees: you negotiate it with the client directly!

REplatforms is your marketplace. Forget about personal websites or ad campaigns. Stay with us, you don't need special skills for it. Our 24/7 client support will help you with any issue.

REplatforms experts are always there for you!

24/7/365. Consult REplatforms lawyers on any real estate transaction issues 24/7. Request advice from any real estate professional. You will get it within 3 days. If you are a REplatforms member, you will get a discount on your counseling!

Valuable information. Get access to the REplatforms database: transaction diagrams, standard forms of documents, reference information, and answers to the most difficult questions.

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How do I become a REplatforms partner?

New partners join every day:

  • brokers
  • lawyers
  • bankers
  • notaries
  • appraisers
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • interior designers
  • apartment renovation experts
  • and other significant real estate related experts

We ensure comfortable and safe partnership between agencies, sellers and buyers from around the world. With REplatforms you will get the valuable experience of global communication with the agents and the opportunity to effectively scale your business.

To become a REplatforms partner fill in the registration form, and our experts will contact you (or just call us +7 960 770-66-00).