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Real estate investment is one of the most reliable options to accumulate capital and create a stable cash flow. No one can dispute the fact that, in the long term, the value of real estate is growing, even despite small drawdowns during the crisis. Real estate investment has become especially relevant during the pandemic, when there are no more stable markets like the real estate one

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Investment in real estate – where to start?

Real estate investment is one of the most reliable options for accumulating capital and creating a stable cash flow.

Investing money in real estate is not a game, not Forex or trading on the stock exchange: the income from rent is predictable. In addition, no one can dispute the fact that in the long term, the value of real estate is growing, even despite small drawdowns during the crisis.

There are several strategies for investing in real estate:

1. Strategies for investing in new buildings and new housing

  • new buildings for resale
  • new buildings for rent
  • economical strategy for investing in studios and new buildings
  • investment in shared construction of housing on the first floors with further transfer to non-residential one
  • other combined strategies

2. Strategies with ready-made real estate (in the secondary market)

  • Purchase of an apartment building or townhouse with the subsequent rental
  • Purchase of a ready-made apartment, arrangement of dedicated rooms and renting them out
  • Homestaging. Buying an apartment in poor condition at a discount – > renovation -> subsequent sale at a good market price
  • Buying rooms and renting them out daily
  • Settlement of communal apartments with the subsequent sale of a large apartment or the creation of a mini-hotel

3. Strategies for investing in commercial real estate

  • purchase of ready-made commercial real estate with subsequent leasing;
  • construction of commercial real estate for resale and subsequent lease;
  • investing in co-working centers;
  • purchase of office space with subsequent leasing of individual workplaces, mini-offices and meeting rooms

4. Strategies for investing in the Hotel business and daily rental business

This type of investment refers to the type of aggressive strategies that give the maximum profit to the investor per square meter. But at the same time, they assume full inclusion in the process.

Here is the list of the most popular aggressive investment strategies:

  • Rental business: rent by the month, rent by the day
  • Investing in hostels and mini-hotels
  • Anti-cafe organization (the visitor pays for time, not for food)
  • Organization of dormitories for workers
  • Capsule hotel

5. The strategy of investing in land

  • buying a land plot -> building a house -> selling a house with a land plot
  • purchase of land from 12 acres, land surveying on parts of 3-4 acres with their further sale
  • direct investment in land («buy land, it is no longer produced»)

Our experts will tell you about the specifics of each investment strategy, give advice on all related services, and finally help with the implementation of the chosen strategy at each stage. If you decide to start investing, please visit our website page: «Real estate investment»