Terms of use for www.replatforms.com

1. General provisions

1.1. Owner and administrator of an Internet resource www.replatforms.com (hereinafter referred to as Internet resource) is Replatforms OÜ (hereinafter referred to as REplatforms), commercial register registration code 14778766, postal address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa, Laki tn 30-23, 12915, tel.: +7 960 770-66-00, email address: oooreplatforms@gmail.com.

1.2. Terms of use (hereinafter the Rules) of the Internet resource are mandatory for REplatforms and all its users (hereinafter referred to as the User).

1.3. User is any person who is a visitor to the Internet resource located at: https://replatforms.com/ on the Internet.

1.4. REplatforms may set additional terms of use for certain materials or subsections of the Internet resource. Users are informed about them directly next to the relevant materials or subsections.

1.5.Replatforms may change or supplement these Terms of use at any time without prior notice to users. To view the latest version of the Rules, click on the "Terms of use" link located at the bottom. By using this Internet resource, you confirm your unconditional and full consent to comply with all the provisions of the Rules. If you DO NOT want to follow the Rules, you ARE PROHIBITED to use this Internet resource.

1.6. REplatforms offers users an online resource where users can collect and exchange information about real estate transactions, make proposals for bids and offers on real estate transactions, and use other services that Replatforms offers.

1.7. Users can enter into sales agreements and other agreements between themselves without REplatforms' intervention, and users are responsible for the proper execution of the agreements concluded between them. Despite the fact that REplatforms makes every effort to ensure that information on the Internet resource is accurate and verified, REplatforms is not responsible either for the compliance of object properties for transactions made through the Internet-resource agreements, or for the validity, accuracy, completeness or relevance of information provided on the Internet resource (including presented by links/useful links).

1.8. All communication and information between the User and REplatforms is carried out in electronic form using the contact data recorded in Terms of use or on the Internet resource, unless otherwise provided in the Rules.

1.9. The operation of Terms of use, which are a single document, can't be considered illegal if any individual provisions of these Rules are considered illegal, invalid or unforeseen. In this case, the wording of the provisions recognized as illegal, invalid or unforeseen will have to be changed in accordance with the current law. Moreover, this circumstance cannot in any way cast doubt on the legal and enforceability force of the remaining provisions of the said Rules. Failure by REplatforms to take action in relation to a violation of Terms of Use committed by you personally or by other persons cannot be interpreted as a refusal of REplatforms right or as a restriction of its right to take action against such or subsequent violations.

2. Copyright and links to websites

2.1. All copyrights to the materials presented on the Internet resource belong to REplatforms or are provided by REplatforms to the extent that they can be used on the Internet resource.

2.2. When transferring copyrighted works to the Internet resource, the user grants REplatforms permission to use these works and exercise the author's property rights that apply to these works for the entire copyright duration. REplatforms has the right to use the user's submitted works in any way, to allow or prohibit their use, including reproduction, distribution, translation, editing, adaptation, correction, modification, adding them to other works, collections or databases, and their transmition to the public.

2.3. REplatforms may at any time replace, supplement, delete or otherwise change, at its sole discretion, the composition, structure, content of materials and information provided on the Internet resource and reserves the right to make appropriate changes without prior notice to former, present or future users of the Internet resource.

2.4. The user is prohibited to post information on the Internet resource that violates the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia and (or) international law, knowingly false information, information that may mislead Users, or information that the User has no right to post. The Internet resource has the right not to post any User information

2.5. For the convenience of users, the Internet resource provides links to Internet sites owned or maintained by third parties, without the participation of REplatforms . However, even if such third parties are subsidiaries of REplatforms, the latter doesn"t control the operation of their Internet sites, since all these companies have their own privacy policies, information collection rules and terms of use, which are not regulated by REplatforms in any way. REplatforms doesn't bear any responsibility for the content of Internet sites that are linked to the Internet resource, and doesn't participate in the compilation of their materials and is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided in them. The risks associated with acquaintance with the content of third-party websites are solely the responsibility of the user.

3. Principles of personal data processing

3.1. REplatforms processes personal data that users of the Internet resource have transmitted to REplatforms (in ad texts, when ordering SMS services, forum mediation, comments, etc.). The transfer of personal data to REplatforms is not mandatory, except for contact data in case the user wishes to receive a response from REplatforms to their application, order fulfillment, when ordering an SMS service, etc.

3.2. When registering, the User is obliged to present himself as the User of the Internet resource and when using it, the data selected by him.

3.3. The user agrees to the processing of personal data to the extent described in Terms of use in order to ensure the quality of services and their availability, as well as to expand, improve, personalize and develop the services.

3.4. REplatforms collects and records personal data in electronic form, making extracts from them in other forms as well, if necessary.

3.5. REplatforms is not obliged to keep the personal data of the Internet resource users in the REplatforms database. Replatforms has the right to retain personal data contained in ads for the period specified when entering the ad and/or for the period necessary to perform functions in connection with the relevant ads.

3.6. Personal data is used to provide responses to those who provided feedback, as well as to perform other actions requested by users, for example, to mediate possible buyers and sellers for certain real estate objects. Personal data of a person who wishes to receive commercial messages, advertising materials and information about REplatforms products, items and activities from REplatforms is also used to transmit such information.

3.7. REplatforms doesn't transfer personal data to third parties and doesn't disclose them, except in cases stipulated by Terms of use and current legislation.

3.8. REplatforms has the right to use personal data itself and transfer it to third parties selected by REplatforms in cooperation with them, primarily real estate agencies, through which the services offered by REplatforms are provided. Personal data may also be transferred to persons who participate in the implementation of the agreement between REplatforms and the user (for example, a person providing courier services, a post office).

3.10. If the user wants to find out what data about them is contained in the REplatforms database, they can submit a corresponding request to the REplatforms email address specified in Terms of use.

3.11. The user has the right to clarify and correct his/her personal data.

3.12. The user has the right to revoke at any time their consent to personal data processing by REplatforms, and request the termination of personal data processing, erasure or closure of the collected personal data, as well as the closure of the user's account. To do this, the user submits a relevant application to the REplatforms email address specified in Terms of use. Revocation of consent is not retroactive.

4. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

4.1. This Internet resource is offered to Users in the form "as it is". REplatforms expressly declares that the company doesn't assume any warranty obligations, including warranty obligations to maintain the "presentation" of the specified site, for its compliance with any standard, as well as obligations not to violate any laws. REplatforms declares that the company is not responsible for any damages, losses, and is not liable for any obligations or damages that may be caused as a result of: (A) any errors made on the specified Internet resource or in the content of materials posted on it, including but not limited to technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, (B) errors or inaccuracies made on third-party Internet sites (or materials posted on them), direct or indirect links that are given to the company's Internet resource, including but not limited to errors or omissions in the materials of these Internet sites, (C) the inability to access the Internet resource or any of its sections, (D) your use of the Internet resource, or (E) your use of any kind of hardware or software when using this Internet resource.

4.2. REplatforms under no circumstances, nor under any legal or other lawful disputes that may arise as a result of tort, under a contract, objective liability or otherwise, is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, accidental or incidental damage caused as a result of using the information posted on this Internet resource, including but not limited to losses in the form of lost profits, damage to the reputation of the company, loss of data, delays in work, inaccuracies in received results or working failure or computer malfunction.

5. Final provisions

5.1. Terms of use are valid if they are accepted by the user, and they are valid during the validity of legal relations between the User and REplatforms in terms of use. The user has the right to withdraw from Terms of use within 14 days of their acceptance, and the User also has the right to withdraw from the legal relationship regulated in Terms of use at any time, having previously fulfilled its valid obligations to Replatforms and other users.

5.2. REplatforms may, at its option, restrict or revoke the User's right to use the Internet resource, including changing the information published by the User of the Internet resource or closing the User's account and no longer allowing the User to register as a user if they violate Terms of use or if they have been provided with false or misleading data or if they have otherwise behaved in bad faith.

5.3. The legal acts of the Republic of Estonia apply to the legal relations between the User and REplatforms arising from the use of the Internet resource.

5.4. The parties try to resolve disputes between the User and REplatforms through negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute is decided by the Harju County court.